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How does solar work?

Solar is the transformation or harvesting of sunlight and converting it into electricity. This transformation is done through the use of special hardware such as solar panels, inverters and batteries to transfer the energy from the sun and into your home.

Does it only work when there is sunlight?

Although the energy harvested from the sun can be sent directly in to your home to be used, it is also stored into batteries for use after sunset or when there is minimal sunlight. Also when connected in hybrid/grid-connect, about 10% of your regular electricity connection can be used to supplement your batteries on days when the may not be sufficient sunlight.

Can it cover my entire home?

Yes, solar can be used across the entire household, however an energy assessment must be done in order to establish the energy requirements of your home as it will most likely differ from one household to another.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

Solar has minimal maintenance, the majority of which would be at the batteries.

Is solar expensive

The expense of installing a solar system increases as your energy requirements increase, however it is an investment that will afford peace of mind, safety and save you money.

What is the life of my solar generator and batteries?

The solar panels have a 20years life expectancy, solar system is expected to last you as long as you do not exceed the load capacity and the batteries have a 5-7 years’ life expectancy.

How does going solar affect my home?

Once installed and a certificate of compliance has been issued, the effects of solar are only positive. Depending on what you have moved to solar, you will no longer be at the mercy of the power utility to keep the items you have moved over to solar powered.

Can I use solar for my business? Can I use solar for cooking?

Although solar can be used for cooking, it is not advisable as the energy required for cooking is very high and is better suited by using a gas solution. It is always best to conduct an energy assessment to determine the load or amount

How do I know what solar solution I need?

It is always best to conduct an energy assessment to determine the load or amount of energy required to power everything you with or need to move over to solar.

Can I build up my solar system bit by bit?

Mabaleng Green Technologies offers a buy back and upgrade service within three months of your purchase.

Is there finance available?

Mabaleng Green Technologies offers finance terms through Merchant West Asset Finance to help you help you realize your solar dreams.

Which areas do you cover?

Mabaleng Green Technologies covers all nine provinces in South Africa, you name it and we will be there.

What is the warranty on my solar generator?

We offer a 2 years’ warranty on all items as well as a 12 months’ warranty on workmanship.